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Mr Chairman

boss.jpgGuangzhou Yakoo Chemical Co.,LTD, was established in 1995.Improving with the times, the company have already built up a complete system of research, production and marketing. On the leading edge of trends, the member of Yakoo forms a suitable economic development system and creates an enterprise culture of “innovation for the future”.
  Yakoo consistently holds the core belief: innovation, self-daring and pursuing precision. Hence, we can unite together and make self-transcendence time and time again. 
  “people-oriented” is the key conception of Yakoo when selection of people. The company provides well platform for members to show their abilities. We hope all the members can be self-discipline, honesty and practical. With our common wisdom and teamwork, we progress, grow up and achieve together.
  As long as you can integrate into us, realizing and sticking to our spirits of taking the science and technology as the forerunner,taking the service as main body and taking the management as the guarantee, we believe that Yakoo is the most brilliant stage in your career.

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