YKWJ series metal flashing paint


1. The film fast drying, flashing effect.

2. No burr coarse flash silver, feel is good.

3. Good adhesion, high hardness, resistant to salt water and weather resistance.

4. Electrostatic spraying, oiling fast.

5. Suitable for hardware lighting, steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum, automotive wheel hub of metal surface coating.


Thermosetting acrylic resin, amino resin, epoxy resin, aluminum silver paste, fertilizer and organic solvent.

Technical indicators:

Projectndicatorstest method

Film color and appearance:

The film is smooth with standard color sampleGB1729
Gloss(60 ℃):

In the model

ViscosityAccording to customer demand


Adhesion scribe)≤1GB9286
HardnessH GB6739
Solvent resistance (Er Jiaben)≥100 次

Xylene 500 g load and friction without change

Resistant to salt water( 36h/25 ℃)

No bubbles, don't fall off, do not rust

The company's internal standard

QUV Artificial accelerated aging( 400h )

No obvious cracks,discoloration ≤Ⅰlevel,Rate of loss of light ≤ 20%

The company's internal standard

The impact resistance

heading 50kg/cm


Construction technology:

1, surface treatment: derusting, degreasing, cleaning, drying.

2, coating:

The dilution ratio of =1: 0.6~1.2:: paint thinner

Viscosity: 12~14 seconds

The pressure and the gun away from: 3-4kg, 20-25cm

Holding time: about 10 minutes into the furnace

3, drying condition:

145 C ~ 160 C, 25~30 points.


1, the workpiece must be pretreatment before painting.

2, diluted paint before painting the best with 600 mesh filter.

3, the coating good can not be directly into the furnace, so as to avoid rapid warming and bubble.

4, in the construction process, we must ensure that adequate ventilation, avoid direct contact with the skin, prevent inhalation of paint mist.

The above information is obtained in the Department of my company, the special conditions for reference only, the actual operating conditions of your own test.

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