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Atomic ash in coin spray application

source:date:2015-6-10 9:49:48

Atomic ash, commonly known as car be bored with child, is a kind of unsaturated polyester resin as the main raw material, match into the cobalt salt initiator, the polymerization retarder, talcum powder and other additives, with peroxide as curing agent according to actual needs, mix use, convenient new embedded fill material.Compared with the domestic atomic ash, import atomic ash are fast dry, adhesion, small shrinkage, exquisite, heat resistance, etc.

Atomic ash is widely used in automobile repair industry and car manufacturing.Either of body hurt by accident, or because of mould problem, transportation problem in the process of automobile manufacture or body surface defects caused by welding deformation, typically use putty to repair the bridge, and then the midway, paint and other craft, makes the vehicle appearance to meet the process requirements.It came out, let once behind automobile sheet metal repair realized the leap across time.So how to correctly use putty, judge the merits of the atomic ash choice, no matter for auto manufacturing or repair to the car is very important.

A simple judgment of atomic ash quality

Now in the market to sell a large variety of atomic ash, various brands of enterprise standards, sheet looks from the standard and test report, it is not easy to distinguish the pros and cons of each brand quality.Here are a few in addition to the quality standards stipulated by the project, how to solve the advantages and disadvantages can be briefly, in order to choose suitable for their own use of high quality products.

1. The appearance of the main agent

Can examination of main agent: to observe the presence of lumps, and consistency is even, if you have a hard piece of atomic ash has local aggregation.No crust, no lumps, consistency for optimal evenly and conversely said the main agent has been spoiled or poor quality.

2. The curing degree through model test

Model can be used with this unit the required coating by atomic ash material consistent with the base material of coating, coating to consciously make its thickness, thin places to do a degree for.Then observe whether the thickness of the solidified is consistent, if consistent, quality products, on the other hand the product has serious quality problem.

3. The sample check adhesion

Model can be used with this unit the required coating atomic ash material consistent with the base material of blade coating, dry at room temperature for 24 hours, baking should be condition with room of the lacquer that bake, drying after destructive bending test.Folded in half, the model will be made atomic ash layer falls off, observe the ashes on the surface of the substrate.If a small amount of residual substrate surface atomic ash and uniform distribution, rough description putty and adhesion;If the substrate surface residual atomic ash, substrate surface is smooth, putty and poor adhesion.After only USES the putty with good adhesion, coating quality is guaranteed.

4. Sample check water imbibition

On the example of coated with primer, preparation of 0.5 mm thick putty film, after drying, within the time limit set in the lower part of the test plate in water for 24 hours.Observe the suction line how much higher level.If less than 1 mm, no expansion and softening phenomenon, is good;Suction line is less than 1 mm, no decrease hardness, of about 10 n to dip the water with his nails, nail mark depth not wetted surface depth must not be more than doubled;With finger goes on atomic ash layer, motionless as well, on the other hand is not ideal.

The construction method

1. The requirements for blade coating parts

To the part of the blade coating must be dry, clean, no pollution.This is requirement for blade coating part at least.If there is oil, dirt, will influence the atomic ash layer and substrate, the adhesion between the serious will be the problem such as atomic ash layer falls off.

2. The coating putty

Tank should be atomic ash to make first, and then take out a small amount of atomic ash (main agent and curing agent blend to dry fast, to avoid waste, therefore advised to take a small amount of atomic ash), adding suitable amount of curing agent, mixing evenly, according to the condition of blown coated on the surface of the flat points 2 to 3 times for blade coating.

A coating blistering, cracking, and the causes and countermeasures of the drum, and so on and so forth

1. The cause analysis,

Parts by coating the surface residue such as water, oil, polished gray substance;Atomic ash itself has quality problems (such as poor adhesion and contractility slightly);Atomic ash inadequacies in the construction process, not in accordance with the requirements for the use of atomic ash and note the correct construction.

Countermeasures for 2.

(1). In front of the blade coating atomic ash, be sure to carefully check the parts by coating the surface cleanliness;

(2). The perfect of the construction technique of atomic ash, especially more attention should be paid to the condition of the substrate for galvanized sheet (should choose suitable for use on the galvanized sheet metal gray, or processed before using sheet metal atomic ash) :

(3) improve the level of operation, to strengthen the training and the use of atomic ash in strict accordance with the requirements and matters needing attention in construction.


As car manufacturers are increasingly using galvanized sheet, recommend that users when choosing atomic ash, as far as possible choose imported alloy putty or sheet metal putty, making sheet metal spraying quality to the next level.

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