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YK-630 Ultra Fine Filler

14224056755470716.jpgProduct features

YK - 630 alloy atomic ash, is the best atomic ash on the zinc plate adhesion, suitable for a variety of metal substrate surface, including galvanized sheet.The drying time is short, quick grinding, especially suitable for quick repair of automobile 4 s station.

Suitable substrate

Zinc plate, aluminum, electroplating, steel, iron, glass fiber reinforced plastic, weld and old paint layer, etc

Ratio of the construction

Atomic ash: curing agent = 100:1-2.5 (weight ratio)
Note: the operational time for 3 to 5 minutes (according to the proportion of curing agent and temperature changes in different)

The construction technology

Substrate processing: use P80 - P120 for blowing ash substrate surface of sand paper burnish, go to the oil and water, dry.
Mixed aside: will the Lord grey and curing agent 100:1-2.5 mixed fully, make the color uniform.
Blade coating that will mix good atomic ash in 3 to 5 minutes / 25 ℃ operational time, coating on the treated surface of the substrate.
30 minutes after polishing, coating / 25 ℃, dry grinding.

Technical parameters

Matters needing attention

1. The surface if there are air bubbles infiltration, must be thoroughly with scraper, leveling in order to ensure good adhesion.
2. BPO alloy putty with special curing agent, and other atomic ash mixture of curing agent.
3. Has not used up of putty and hardener should be kept sealed, atomic ash with curing agent added back into the tank.
4. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and fire, avoid direct sunlight.
5. Storage time: 12 months / 25 ℃.


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