Matte varnish YKSUV - 002


This series of products dedicated to the surface of the silver powder primer polishing.YKSUV - 002 for thin coating UV dumb light oil and have very good smoothing effect, uniform appearance is exquisite, feel is smooth, the silver paint with good adhesion, and wear resistance and scratch resistance is superior..Suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players and other plastic pieces of the coating.


Polyurethane acrylate monomer, initiator, light extinction powder, additives, etc.

Technical indicators:


The construction technology:

1, the processes:

Artifacts - > surface clean and dry spray primer - silver 65 ℃ * 30 min to spray UV paint, 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ flow flat for three minutes to UV curing paint, inspection and packing

2, coating:

Dilution ratio: paint, thinner, = 1:1 or working fluid

Spraying viscosity: 8 seconds (Mr Iwata # 2 cups)

Curing conditions: ultraviolet light intensity of 700 ~ 800 mj/m2


1, the primer surface must level off, clean, no pollution, can use alcohol to wipe the surface oil and perspiration, reoccupy adhesive grey cloth to wipe the dust and fiber dust, etc.

2, UV varnish must use 600 purpose filter cloth before use double filtering.

3, must be in a silver paint dry completely before spray UV lacquer or affect the hardness of paint film, serious when even will produce film bit bottom, contraction, wrinkling and cracking phenomena.

4, temperature and time of can be assured.Between 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ to ensure the flow of time more than three minutes, otherwise it will affect the performance of the paint film.

5, avoid direct sunlight, avoid UV container openings for a long time exposed to bright light.

6, airbrush tools need to use special cleaning agent to clean.

7, avoid direct contact with the skin UV paint, protective glasses and gloves should be worn when operating, if the UV paint splashed on the skin, should be washed with soap and water immediately.

8, do not look straight into the UV lamp, in order to avoid burns.

Is the above information and my company in the experiment under special conditions, for reference only, actual operating conditions please make your own test.

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